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Our Story of Beauty and Purpose

My favorite products.

Uva Enzyme with Selva detox are my favorite products as they leave my skin feeling clean and smooth. I am grateful for these products at a great price for the quality.


I'm obsessed.

Ilumina C is obviously nothing like anything else I’d tried before. I’m obsessed with how glowy it leaves my skin!


Effective Formulation

We preserve these precious oils in UV-resistant bottles, fortified with antioxidants like rosemary CO2 extract and non-GMO vitamin E.

Pure Ingredients

We focus on cold-pressed oils sourced directly from artisan producers in Latin America, offering you unmatched quality.

Artful Experience

Designed to be a masterpiece of Latin American art, beauty, and nature. The look, the feel, and even the scent are crafted to offer you an immersive experience.

My skin has never felt so clean & smooth.

I loved the combination of Selva Detox, Uva Enzyme, and Ilumina C! I’ve always struggled finding products that nourish my skin without feeling greasy but Ilumina C absorbs and moisturizes immediately.

– Martha

I just love how my skin is feeling & looking!

I love Raiz & Luz Products! I’ve been using the Uva Enzyme Oil cleanser, Selva Detox Powder Cleanser, and Ilumina C Oil Serum and cannot recommend enough. I love that I know what ingredients go into these products.

– Norma

3 Steps to Elevate Your Skincare Ritual:

Step 1: Cleanse Gently.

Massage 2 pumps of Uva Enzyme oil cleanser to remove makeup, grime, and excess sebum while promoting blood circulation.

Step 2: Detox Pores.

Combine 1 pump of Uva Enzyme oil cleanser + 1 teaspoon of Selva Detox in the palm of your hand to create a paste. Massage gently and give extra attention to congested areas. Your skin will thank you!

Step 3: Nourish Fully.

Apply 3 drops of Ilumina C onto clean, damp skin. Massage softly until fully absorbed to reveal plump and luminous skin!

About Us

Driven by purpose and purity, we source artisan-crafted, cold-pressed oils to ignite your skin's natural radiance—no makeup needed, only optional.

My quest began as a battle with cystic acne, leading me to the alchemy of linoleic-rich oils, transforming both my skin and my life.

After years of meticulous crafting, we've bottled luminous elixirs I once only dreamt of. Each drop pressed by devoted suppliers, as passionate about quality and sustainability as we are.

Welcome to Raíz & Luz, where beauty is an ode to its roots.

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