New beginnings are filled with excitement and motivation - like using a brand new planner or signing up to your local gym to feel stronger and energized!

With this in mind, if your resolution for the year is to use more nourishing skincare products while being sustainable, here are 3 check points to guide your purchasing decisions before "adding to cart."


1) Finish your current skincare products.

Only toss out unused products if they are expired or give you a skin reaction. As you transition into "clean" , sustainable, and ethical skincare, it's important to understand that throwing out products and having a clean slate may do more damage than good as it creates more financial and physical waste.


2) Evaluate what is important to you when shopping for skincare.

With an influx of skincare brands, and skincare recommendations, evaluate what is important to you. There are so many shades of clean beauty and asking questions while making your own judgement is key.


3) Research companies that source responsibly.

Human exploitation is too common in the beauty industry. Remember, we *vote* with our dollars. 


If you need help evaluating how to choose quality skincare products, here are a few things I personally look for:

  • Products that have cold pressed and/or organic oils in lieu of just regular oils as their vitamin, mineral, and nutrient composition is still intact.
  • Avoid products that contain colorants and fragrance in the ingredient list as there have been studies that have shown negative side effects correlated to these ingredients.
  • Avoid petrolatum or dimethicone. These ingredients are composed of petroleum and silicones and while they serve a soothing purpose, they are not the best ingredients if you're wanting a nutrient dense skincare experience.


Conclusion: Make changes through increments and take a few minutes to understand what's important to you when shopping for skincare or any products you love. With so many products targeted to you, don't feel pressured to rid your vanity of your current products and buy all the "clean" things. Starting with just one product at a time is the most sustainable first step!


If you've been eyeing the Raíz & Luz collection and want to experience smooth, luminous, and nourished skin, Ilumina C is our best-seller.





  • Morgan Chawaga said:

    I love this! Will definitely read future blogs for more info. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world!

    January 12, 2023

  • Donna Hensel said:

    I’m so proud of you starting your own company! You were a passionate Spanish teacher, and now you can put that passion into making people feel good about themselves! Love it!
    I’ll definately order when I finish up the other lotions I have!

    January 09, 2023

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