When it comes to skincare, ingredients matter. But at Raíz & Luz, our ingredients are more than just organic compounds; they are living narratives of Latin American art, beauty, and nature.

They carry with them a vibrant culture, untold stories, and a cornucopia of nutrients that breathe life into your skin.


Nutrients That Nurture

Cold-pressed oils are the crown jewels of our skincare line. Using the cold-pressed method keeps heat at bay, we maintain the biochemical structure of the oils, preserving all the vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that nature intended.

Imagine each drop as a concentrated elixir, fully alive and bursting with nutrients - ready to invigorate your skin.

Stories From the Source

We go the extra mile by sourcing our oils directly from artisans and small-scale producers in Latin America. Each bottle is a curated collection of these producers' hard work, skill, and devotion. Just as coffee enthusiasts speak of 'single-origin' beans, our oils come with a backstory—a lineage that traces back to individual farms and producers.

Culture in Every Drop

We aspire for Raíz & Luz to be a poem of Latin American art and culture. The regions we source from are not just geographies; they are the soulful landscapes of a diverse and rich cultural heritage. 

Your Skin’s Awakening

Just as nutrients are vital for the body, the spirit thrives on stories and culture. As these oils sink into your skin, you might just feel a newfound sense of connection - a feeling of being rooted to the rich landscapes where these powerhouse ingredients originated.

In essence, Raíz & Luz brings more than beauty; we bring life. In every drop, you’ll find a potent elixir of nutrients, stories, and culture - all the right ingredients to truly bring your skin to life.

We believe skincare should be as alive as the skin it nourishes.

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