At Raiz & Luz, we believe in getting to the Raíz (root) of things. As Earth Day approaches, we're excited to share more about the origins of this important day and why it holds special significance for us.

The Origin of Earth Day:

Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22nd, originated in the United States in 1970 as a response to growing environmental concerns. Founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day aimed to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire action to protect our planet. Since then, it has grown into a global movement, uniting millions of people around the world in support of environmental conservation and sustainability efforts.

Raiz & Luz's Sustainability Practices at Raíz & Luz:

One way we contribute to sustainability is through our sourcing process. We partner with producers who ethically source their seeds from local juice companies, farms, and vineyards. By sourcing from these sources, we help prevent nutrient dense seeds from going to waste and instead give them purpose in our skincare collection. This not only reduces food waste, supports local businesses in Latin America, and reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation, but it creates an opportunity to share unique, transformative, and nutrient dense ingredients with you! 

3 Easy Steps to Be More Earth-Friendly:

  1. Minimize: Don't let the term Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle make you feel like you have to do all three. Focus on one. Maybe starting with reduce? Here are some ideas:

    • Reduce consumption of single-use plastics.
    • Only buy the essentials when it comes to skincare/makeup. 
    • Make purchases on items that you truly want, need, and will get plenty of use out of instead of being driven by low prices.
  1. Upcycle: Give a second life when possible! Did you know that our empty Selva Detox bottles are perfect for the following:
    • Storing homemade salad dressing
    • Preserving fresh pressed juice shots
    • Creating an eye catching plant vase 
  1. Support Sustainable Brands: Choose to support brands like Raíz & Luz that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. Look for products made from up-cycled materials, produced using ethical and sustainable practices, and packaged in recyclable or biodegradable materials.

As we celebrate Earth Day this year, l invite you to make more conscious choices that respect and care for the earth. 

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