Our Story of Beauty and Purpose.

Our ideal skincare

Ultimately Our Ideal Skincare Supports Small Businesses

Why is this important to us? We proudly source from a small woman-owned producer in Mexico that's setting big sustainability standards. By partnering with local organic farmers and businesses, she ensures minimal waste, pressing fresh seeds on-demand for optimal freshness and quality, and delivers each carefully tested and packaged order right to our doorstep to be transformed into Raíz & Luz formulas. This level of care and quality truly transforms your skincare ritual.

Pure Ingredients: We focus on cold-pressed oils sourced directly from artisan producers in Latin America, offering you unmatched quality.

Effective Formulation: We preserve these precious oils in UV-resistant bottles, fortified with antioxidants like rosemary CO2 extract and non-GMO vitamin E.

Artful Experience: Each product is designed to be a masterpiece of Latin American art, beauty, and nature. The look, the feel, and even the scent are crafted to offer you an immersive experience.

About Raíz & Luz

We're deeply inspired by our roots. We bring you a curated line of skincare products that embody the rich traditions and natural beauty of Latin America. Each bottle is a poetic blend of cold-pressed oils and powerhouse nutrients, meticulously sourced from artisan producers.

Our mission is to help you feel confident and rooted in the magical properties of our ingredients. Experience skincare that's not just effective, but also a celebration of culture.

Straight from the source

You are an essential part of this journey. By choosing Raíz & Luz, you're not just elevating your skincare ritual; you're contributing to a larger narrative - one of empowerment, sustainable practices, and interconnected beauty.

Thank you for being a radiant part of Raíz & Luz.

Yera Montoya

Our Founder

Driven by purpose and purity, we source artisan-crafted, cold-pressed oils to ignite your skin's natural radiance—no makeup needed, only optional.

My journey with cystic acne, led me to the alchemy of linoleic-rich oils, transforming both my skin and my life.

After years of meticulous crafting, we've bottled luminous elixirs I once only dreamt of. Each drop pressed by devoted suppliers, as passionate about quality and sustainability as we are.

Welcome to Raíz & Luz, where beauty is an ode to its roots.